How I See Health

Here's my story in a ``Nutshell.``

I am a Family Medicine Physician (General practitioner). I trained in central London as a GP and work in telemedicine, health tech and urgent care. I also love to travel and have had a nomadic lifestyle since qualifying as a GP in 2018. As a result of my experiences in the last 10 years as a doctor, I am passionate about teaching people simple methods of preventing illness and improving their overall health.

What is health

Health as defined by the WHO is more than being free from illness or injury. ‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being’. As doctors, we have often focused on the physical, but health is a combination of many factors.

Commonly recognised pillars of health include:

The pillars of health are like a delicious, nutritious smoothie for your body! 


Just like a smoothie needs a mix of ingredients to be truly nourishing, our bodies need a balance of the different pillars of health to stay healthy and happy. 

  • Think of nutrition as the sweet and juicy fruit which helps you have a balanced and nutrients rich diet to maintain physical health and chronic disease
  •  exercise as the protein-packed yogurt which helps meant heart health, weight and overall physical and mental well-being 
  • sleep as the refreshing ice cubes that keep everything cool and calm and help to balance physical and mental restoration. 
  • stress management (such as mindfulness, meditation, or therapy) as the energizing superfood powder and reducing the impact of the stress on our physical and mental well-being, social connection as the supportive community of smoothie lovers which helps you have meaningful relations that reduces the risk of various disease
  • environmental factors ( clean air, water, safe environment + exposure to nature)  as the fresh greens that add extra vitamins and nutrients. By blending all of these different ingredients, we can create a satisfying and nourishing smoothie that fuels our body and soul and helps us to feel our best

These pillars of health are interconnected and can influence each other. By prioritizing and optimizing each of these areas, individuals can promote and maintain their overall health and well-being.

Therefore my goal is to help people maximize their time spent enjoying life and minimizing time spent as a “patient.” Health and wellness aren’t just what your doctor does when you go for a visit; it’s everything you do in between and all the small steps count. 

I am an avid explorer who loves mountain surfing, hiking, and kayaking.


Health is a dynamic and ongoing process, rather than a fixed state, and individuals can actively pursue and maintain their health through various means, such as healthy lifestyle choices, access to healthcare, and social support. The pillars of health bein