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  • I’ve dedicated my career, both in medicine and in my personal life to finding and sharing the most honest, reliable healthcare information possible.Β 
  • Now, more than ever, it is important to have real conversations with you about the people, products, and practices that we all can engage with for a more fulfilling, well-rounded, enjoyable, and ultimately, longer life.Β 

Let’s learn and grow together – and have some fun!


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How I see β€˜Health’

Here's my story in a ``nutshell.``

I am a Family Medicine Physician (General practitioner). I trained in central London as a GP and work in telemedicine, health care technology and urgent care. I also love to travel and have had a nomadic lifestyle since qualifying as a GP in 2018. As a result of my experiences in the last 10 years as a doctor, I am passionate about teaching people simple


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